SET out to unlock your full potential and discover our cosmos of Performance Consulting.



We believe in our clients' potential and therefore demand from ourselves to engage our expertise to unlock these untapped capacities. 
With the highest level of technical expertise, we advise our clients using a holistic approach in formulating solutions to complex issues - from strategy to successful implementation. 

The four core competencies that found our consulting approach: 


A flexible & transparent management model along with an effective & efficient implementation of the operational model is required in addressing disruptive global events such as the transformation of business models, the Corona pandemic, global supply and value chains bottlenecks; in addition to the added pressure of ever-increasing regulatory constraints.

Together with our clients, we define integrated and business model-specific management frameworks, thus acheiving complete transparency - starting from the operating unit and working up to the consolidated performance of the entire Group. 

Consistent and uniform management of information, from projections to actuals, forms the basis of successful management decisions. An often neglected component is it's interlinking with management incentivization, and accounting for this element is what further increases the effectiveness of our management concepts.

Our consultants have successfully led customer projects in the following subjects areas: 

  • Businessmodel-specific steering model 
  • Implementation of business model transformations in corporate management and operating model
  • Extension of corporate performance management to include the dimension of sustainability
  • Integrated financial data modelling from transactional to group reporting
  • Legal and management consolidation
  • Interlocking control and incentive models
  • Planning, forecasting and simulation model processes
  • Convergence of external reporting requirements and internal management reporting
  • Integrated business transaction dependent value flows
  • Product and project lifecycle performance management 


The digitization of companies and the associated change in the world of work is leading to a profound need for transformation of financial operations. Transactional activities are increasingly being replaced by digital solutions.  In our view, a CFO should use the resulting impetus for action to question the general level of ambition and the positioning of the financial mechanisms within the company and to optimally position themselves for the future, on the basis of an updated financial vision. 

Our consultants have successfully supported our clients in the following areas: 

  • Financial operation visualizing and strategizing
  • Digitalization strategy for financial operations
  • Target operating modelling of financial functions
  • Role-based financial organization
  • Optimization of the organizational structure and processes within finance 
  • Target IT picture and infrastructure architechture of financial functions
  • Realization of digitization potentials (e.g., introduction of S/4HANA)
  • Optimization of closing processes / fast close
  • Governance processes & structures


On the path to becoming a digital enterprise, the greatest challenge lies in breaking down functional silos and establishing end-to-end business processes. A consistent end-to-end orientation in the design of business processes and their implementation in the data model & IT systems, are prerequisites for a sustainable increase in process efficiency and quality.

Together with our clients, our consultants curate the best solutions for end-to-end process design, organizational anchoring and technical implementation that fit our client's organization. In our role as impetus-drivers and pacemakers with in-depth business and technological expertise, we have made a significant contribution to the success of a large number of ERP transformation projects: 

  • Business & process design for different industries and end-to-end processes with a special focus on SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Customized digitization solutions together with our network partners
  • Implementation support
  • Project business case & planning
  • Integration management
  • Quality assurance and project audit
  • Project setup 
  • Project management office and external project management


The sustainable success of a project is determined by the acceptance of the people affected by the change. On the one hand, the project and its employees must be considered, and on the other hand, the organization and external stakeholders, such as customers or suppliers, must also be considered. Our Change & Enablement approach is characterized by a high level of content expertise and is reflected in particular in our training and education offering. In combination with proven change management methods, individual coaching as well as experienced facilitators and trainers, we empower the project members and anchor the change sustainably and successfully. 

Based on our expertise and experience, drawn from transformation projects experience, we provide consulting and support in the following, but not limited to:

  • Business and methodological training in the areas of Controlling, Accounting & Tax
  • System-based training (e.g. SAP S/4HANA) in the context of system implementations for all end-to-end processes 
  • Project coaching for project and program management as well as top management
  • Project-accompanying change management, especially in the context of our other consulting focuses
  • Mediation of conflicts, especially within a multi-team project context
  • Internal and external communication, marketing and stakeholder management in the project context
  • Support during project setup and project management 


Our core values holistically frame the way in which we operate; both outwardly with our clients & network partners, as well as inwardly with us as individuals and as a team. 


We are even more successful when consultants and clients work together as one team. Being humane is of utmost importance to us and therefore our actions focus on the team's social, emotional & physical wellbeing.


We challenge limits and constantly strive to arrive at the best-possible solution. Through continued training, knowledge-sharing & 360° feedback mechanisms in place, we perpetually better ourselves, create innovative solutions & unlock our clients' full potential.


We are performance-oriented teamplayers. We perpetually strive to improve client performance in viable ways and create sustainable value via our consulting services. 


We are consultants with passion and always put our heart and soul into the work we produce. Successful projects, game-changing solutions and inspiring collaborative work are the results of this approach.



This is the crew on our exciting mission: We launch at full throttle - Our expertise and passion drive us. We rely on each other. Our every move is well-thought...Every crew member contributes their utmost...
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Come on board and be part of the SET crew. Join us on exciting consulting missions and experience our unique performance consulting approach. Let's explore the unknown and discover new galaxies together. 

Together with our solution experts, we continuously train and further educate you • you are never alone!

Feedback culture and flat hierarchies are not just buzzwords to us • we thrive on open feedback and are of the purview that the better argument is what wins. 

We work together and we celebrate our successes together • This is also evident in our transparent remuneration model, which is based on the combined success of the company.

We know that life is not only about work • We want to support you realize your personal goals and ensure that your professional & personal lives harmoniously balance one another.